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Baby walkers: Are they safe?

Baby walkers: Are they safe?

Baby walkers — A Mayo Clinic specialist explains the dangers of using a baby walker.

QAre baby walkers safe?


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Baby walkers — devices designed to give babies mobility while they''re learning to walk — can cause serious injuries.

For example, babies who use baby walkers might:

  • Trip and fall over
  • Roll down stairs
  • Trap a finger
  • Be burned, poisoned or otherwise hurt after reaching for a dangerous object

Even new baby walkers — which typically use brakes to prevent falls and are too large to fit through doorways — can still lead to serious injury. Research also suggests that use of baby walkers can actually delay when a baby begins to sit, crawl or walk unassisted, as well as slow a baby''s mental and motor development.

Don''t allow your baby to use a baby walker and make sure that your baby''s other caregivers don''t use baby walkers, either. Instead, consider using a stationary activity center, play yard or playpen. These devices will allow your baby to play safely as he or she learns to sit, crawl and stand.


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