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Honey crusted chicken

Honey crusted chicken

Honey crusted chicken — See how to prepare this healthy recipe.

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Richard Johnson: Our recipe today is honey crusted chicken. Children, especially under the age of 1, shouldn't be served raw honey because there is a concern about botulism. So please be careful when you're using raw honey.

Now, we're using some simple ingredients — some saltine crackers and paprika. And to make a nice crispy chicken breast, the crackers are going to be a good addition. We're just going to crush them up with the back of our knife on our cutting board, get them so they're going to coat the chicken really well, and then just scoop them up. The thing I like about this recipe is it's low in fat and uses some common ingredients. It's simple, and I can get it in the oven in just two to three minutes of prep time.

So I'm just going to mix up our cracker with our paprika for a little bit of color. The next thing I'm going to do is I've prepared a couple of chicken breasts. I've got two 4-ounce portions. I've removed as much fat as I possibly can from them. And then my raw honey — it's just going to go into the bowl with those. I'm going to quickly toss that around, kind of rub the honey in to coat them really nice. So at this point I'm ready just to add my crumbs. Kind of toss them a little bit, and press them in so I've got a nice, even coating. And I've prepared a baking sheet with a little bit of pan spray. So I'm just going to put them on that, and they're pretty much ready to go into the oven. But I do want to make sure that I clean up and wash my hands. What I'm going to end up with is a nice, crispy chicken breast that's simple, low in fat, uses common ingredients, and only took me two or three minutes to get it ready to go in the oven.


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