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Jamaican barbecued pork tenderloin

Jamaican barbecued pork tenderloin

Jamaican barbecued pork tenderloin — See how to prepare this healthy recipe.

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Richard Johnson: Jamaican barbecued pork tenderloin is a wonderful choice when we're talking about what to grill. Now, pork tenderloin is fairly lean compared to some other cuts of pork, but it does have a little fat. And you can see by the one in the back here that there's some fat and some cartilage that we're going to want to remove before we cook with this. The one in the front is a good example of that.

We're going to be using a dry rub today, and it's a combination of a number of different ingredients. We've got some ginger, some allspice, some powdered garlic, powdered onion, a little cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves; bring it all together with some brown sugar, a little bit of salt, and then some black pepper. Now we're going to have to work this in, rub all those good seasonings into the outside of our pork — using our hands is really the best way to do it. And you just want to work that in, kind of massage it in if you will. And then we're going to want to let this rest and absorb those good spices for about 15 minutes.

Well, now our tenderloin's been marinating for about 15 minutes and has had a chance to absorb a lot of those wonderful flavors that we're looking for, so it's time to put them on the grill. So, we set up our grill with a hot side and a cool side, and we want to use the hot side to sear it really quickly. We're just going to put it directly on that hot heat, and we need to hear that sizzle. That sounds wonderful. Now pork tenderloin like that really has three sides; when you start to sear it, you'll see that. So we're going to sear it on each of three sides, about three minutes for each side. And while that's happening, let's mix up a little bit of glaze to put on top. Now we've got some dark honey, which is really great for us and (has) some wonderful flavors. That's going to add some sweetness. A little bit of tomato paste just for a little bit of acidity and to kind of bring those flavors together. A little vinegar and a little bit more salt, and we'll stir that all up together.

All right, we're going to take a peek at our meat now and see how we are. Let's just kind of take a little quick look there. Oh, that's looking really good. So we've got some nice color on there, and we want to turn it and set it up on the second side. So let's let that go on the second side for about another three minutes and on the third side three more minutes, and we'll be ready to move it and start basting.

All right, so let's see where we are. Looks like we've got a nice sear on all three sides. Now we're ready to move it to the cool side of the grill. Now it's time to put a little glaze on there. Brush that on nice — nice, thin, even coat. And we're going to finish it on this cold side. All right, now we've been basting this for a few times while it's cooking more slowly, and it's time to take the temperature and see where we are. The best way to know that it's done is by using a thermometer, and what we're looking for is 160 degrees internal temperature in the thickest part of the tenderloin. It'll take about 14 to 16 minutes to get there normally. That's going to depend on your grill and how thick the tenderloin is, and this one's not quite there.

After it is done, what you're going to want to do is let it rest for at least five minutes before you slice it. It's very important because if you don't, you're going to lose a lot of your moisture. But what you end up with is a flavorful — because of all those wonderful spices — tender, full-flavored pork tenderloin that your family's really going to love.


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