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Mediterranean-style grilled salmon

Mediterranean-style grilled salmon

Mediterranean style grilled salmon — See how to prepare this healthy recipe.

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Richard Johnson: Mediterranean-style grilled salmon — a wonderful, simple dish on a grill. We're going to use some fresh herbs, fresh basil. And we just want to rough chop it. So you just kind of roll it up into a ball, and give it some nice shave. Now, if you like basil, don't be afraid to use a lot of it. And I'm just going to use a little bit of parsley. I like parsley because it adds a nice, bright flavor to foods. It's going to make it taste fresher. Now, fresh garlic — one of my favorite ingredients — wonderful to work with and not really very hard. So you just press it and that breaks up the bulb. And then for each individual clove, you just press it again and then that peeling just comes right off then.

So we'll just chop that up, and we're just going to mix up our herbs a little bit. Add a little bit of fresh lemon juice to that, about half a lemon. Now, we'll just spray our fillets with just a little bit of pan spray, and this is going to do two things for us: It's going to help the seasonings stick to the fish, and it'll help the fish not stick to the grill. We're going to add a little black pepper. All right, now we've got it peppered the way we want, so let's just press our herbs into that. Now this layer of herbs is going to help our salmon to not stick to the grill as well.

We do want to make sure that we have a really hot grill before we put our salmon on. So what I've done is I've set my grill up with a hot side and a cool side, and we're going to start it off on the hot side and then switch to the cool side to finish it up.

So down they go, and you can hear that sizzle. That's what we're looking for. It tells me that our grill is hot enough and our salmon is not going to stick. And we're going to get some nice color very quickly. Now we'll just close the lid and let that go three to four minutes, depending on how hot your grill is, but it's not going to take long.

It's been about four minutes. Now — oh, that looks beautiful! Now can you see that it's got a little bit of white forming around the edges here? It's starting to turn a little opaque on the sides. That's a good indication that it's ready to turn over. Now what we want to do is set up a little piece of aluminum foil on the cooler side of our grill. And the reason I like to use aluminum foil for this is because it just makes it easier to take the fish off the grill after it's completely cooked, so it doesn't fall apart on you. Let's see how this looks. Oh, yeah. Oh, that's beautiful.

OK so it's been about four minutes, so let's see how our fish is looking. It looks pretty good. Now I'm going to want to make sure that it's done before I take it off, and the best way to do that is with a thermometer. They're not very expensive, and they don't take long. I do recommend that you keep thermometers as part of your tools in your kitchen. And what we're looking for is 145 degrees. You want to make sure you check the thickest one.

And what we've done is we've prepared a platter with some nice grilled vegetables. And I've got this all ready to go to the table because the very last thing I want to do is take my fish off. And we're just going to sprinkle a little bit of green olive on top, a few nice decorative lemon wedges, and we're ready to serve. Looks like dinner to me.

Mediterranean-style grilled salmon — quick, easy, fresh herbs, fresh fish, couldn't be better than that.


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