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Apple berry cobbler

Apple berry cobbler

Apple berry cobbler — See how to prepare this healthy recipe.

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Richard Johnson: Have you ever found yourself in need of a low-fat, low-sodium, healthy dessert that you can put together in a short amount of time? Well, apple berry cobbler should fit the bill.

Today, we are using raspberries and blueberries and apples. Now I also added some turbinado sugar, which is a good choice. Some people find that they're able to use less of it because it has some more interesting flavors. And we're also going to use some fresh cinnamon. And I like to grate my cinnamon as close to the time as I'm going to eat it as possible because it tastes so much better. The flavors are much more intense, and I retain some of those essential oils from the cinnamon.

Now, we're also going to use some fresh lemon zest. And we're just going to squeeze the juice from half of our lemon right into our mix. I'll make sure that my sugar is starting to dissolve. And then we're going to add a little bit of cornstarch, and what the cornstarch is going to do is bind up some of the liquid and actually form a sauce as our cobbler bakes. We do want to make sure that the cornstarch is completely dissolved by the liquid, so we don't get any clumps.

Alright, now the next part of this recipe is our batter, and our batter starts out with some egg whites. And we're just going to want to break those up a little bit. We don't have to whip this too much. It doesn't need to be frothing like a meringue, and that's actually plenty right there. So we're just going to add some soy milk, some salt, some vanilla and a little bit more turbinado sugar for sweetness. Mix that all up really well; add a little whole-wheat pastry flour. It substitutes just about one for one in most recipes for all-purpose flour, adds some interesting flavor and it's better for us. Make sure we don't have any lumps. And our next step is to fill our ramekins with some of the batter. So we're just going to quickly put some of our fruit into the ramekins. I thought it might be fun to make some individual ones; that's why we're using the ramekins, but you can use the same recipe and make a larger one. I'm just going to pour a little bit of the batter over the top. It doesn't have to cover the whole thing. You just want a little bit of accent on there, and you want some of those berries to peek through, so you get some nice color.

Now we're going to go into a 350-degree oven for about 30 minutes. And we're just going to pop these in there really quickly. What we end up with is a beautiful apple berry cobbler. Healthy, low-fat, low-sodium — a great way for us to enjoy simple food.


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