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Our facilities and programs provide 
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treatments and support you’ll need.

When the diagnosis is cancer, you want the best care available, no matter how far away. You’ll be glad to know, the care you need is close to home.

Bay Area Hospital offers modern, sophisticated cancer treatment. With up-to-date facilities, board-certified physicians, and a professional, compassionate staff, we provide the same treatment protocols as much larger facilities. You’ll be cared for by highly skilled professionals -- who just happen to be your South Coast neighbors.

To us, you’re not just a name on a chart. You’re someone we’ll see at the grocery store or a high school football game. That’s why our team is dedicated to a healthy South Coast – starting with you.

Why choose us?

Some people think only a big-city hospital can provide expert cancer care. That’s usually not true. While some forms of cancer do require a highly specialized therapeutic regimen, excellent care for most kinds of cancer is available right here at Bay Area Hospital.

That’s comforting to know, because seeking care far from home can be hard on patients and families. Travel can be exhausting, especially if you’re already weakened by cancer. Transportation, meals and lodging add expense to your medical bills.

Bay Area Hospital is dedicated to giving you the best care possible, together with the convenience of treatment close to home. Our relationship with Oregon Health & Science University gives you access to even more experience and expertise. Yes, some cancers do require highly specialized therapies in a major metropolitan hospital. If your cancer is one of those, we’ll help you make the right connections for the care you need.

For most malignancies, though, the care you need is at Bay Area Hospital. Talk to your doctor about your options for cancer care, and then pick the program that’s best for you. For most patients, your treatment journey starts right here.

Images of excellence

The high-tech marvels of today’s medical imaging provide detailed information to target your cancer as never before. Performing more than 50,000 imaging procedures each year, Bay Area Hospital is the premier imaging site in southwestern Oregon.

Our highly trained, friendly staff of imaging professionals provides exceptional care for our patients. A team of board-certified radiologists from Bay Area Radiology PC is stationed on-site to interpret your test results and provide expert support to your physician.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of diagnostic imaging, serving every patient with professionalism, compassion, and integrity.

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Advanced technology, with a human touch
Our radiation team treats
hundreds of patients annually.

We know radiation treatment can seem mysterious and overwhelming. So our multidisciplinary team works hard to make you feel comfortable and well-informed. We don’t just target tumors – we care for the whole person.

Radiation therapy is the careful use of radiation to treat cancer. External beam radiation therapy focuses a high-energy X-ray beam on a specific area. It destroys cancer cells while minimizing impact on the surrounding healthy tissue. The treatment is administered like an X-ray, using machines called linear accelerators. Our treatment modalities include:

  • Standard Radiation Therapy
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
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A dose of confidence

Chemotherapy is a potent ally in your fight against cancer. Our highly trained, compassionate team is dedicated to delivering the most effective treatment while ensuring your comfort, safety, and dignity.

We understand patients may be anxious or fearful about chemotherapy and its potential side-effects. Much progress has been made to reduce or control nausea and other unpleasant effects of chemotherapy. Our goal is to keep you feeling good and enjoying life throughout your treatment and recovery.

Medical Oncology
Oncology Nursing (Infusion Center)
Leading-edge treatment options

Bay Area Hospital’s participation in clinical trials gives our patients access to advanced treatment and experimental procedures, along with the opportunity to help expand scientific knowledge of cancer.

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Relief and comfort

Medical treatment can be difficult when you feel bad. So Bay Area Hospital offers comprehensive support for in-patients and their families.

Palliative Care is a medical and nursing specialty that provides medical and social support to help you feel better. Like a faithful friend, Palliative Care is with you from diagnosis throughout the course of your illness, whether your treatment is curative or life-prolonging.

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Your role in research

Cancer patients at Bay Area Hospital participate in a nationwide system of cancer research and support.

The Bay Area Hospital Cancer Registry is strictly confidential, and it costs you nothing. It provides you with lifetime follow-up by our Cancer Registry staff and collects important data for cancer research.

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Places to stay

If you live outside the Coos Bay area, a daily commute for cancer therapy can be inconvenient and exhausting. Patients and families living 50 or more miles from Bay Area Hospital are offered the opportunity to stay in special accommodations right here on our campus.

You’re Priority 1

Our mission goes beyond merely treating your cancer. We focus on the whole person, not just the disease. Our team provides the emotional, spiritual, and medical support you need to face your challenges, while empowering you to participate in your own healing.

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