Cancer Registry

Cancer Registry

As required by Oregon law, our Certified Cancer Registrar collects data about your age, ethnicity, occupation and other factors that might affect your health. Your cancer treatment and outcome go in the file as well. You will receive a brochure explaining this process.

Lifetime medical observation is considered one of the most important aspects of cancer therapy. So, once you’re enrolled in the Cancer Registry, our registrar will contact your physician annually, to check on your continuing health. If you haven’t seen a physician during the previous year, the registrar may contact you directly to check on your condition.

This process provides an ongoing account of your health history, diagnosis, treatment, and current status.

The data we collect helps researchers in their quest to improve cancer treatment. And local, state, and national agencies use it to make important public health decisions. As an accredited Community Cancer Center, BAH reports this data each year to the Centers for Disease Control. Strict rules protect your confidentiality.

Whenever you hear or read cancer statistics, the data likely came from Cancer Registries like the one at BAH. While you’re undergoing treatment for your own cancer, be proud that you’re making a contribution to the broader battle against the disease.

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