Medical Oncology

Our oncology and hematology physicians maintain a high level of expertise by continuously researching the latest treatment options for cancer patients. Advancements in the treatment of cancer are an ongoing, ever-changing and improving science. From their offices here in the Cancer Center, our medical oncologists work in conjunction with other specialists to create an integrated, individualized treatment program for our cancer patients.

Some patients may have other medical conditions that must be considered when developing a cancer treatment plan.  Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, bio-response modifiers and many multimodality therapies are all considered to design the best treatment plan for our cancer patients. Local oncologists occasionally work with other medical experts regionally and even nationally when a cancer patient has a specialized need that cannot be met locally.

National treatment guidelines are used and modified, if necessary, to treat patients. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) is an alliance of the world's leading cancer centers. Through their collective expertise, cancer treatment guidelines are developed to help the oncologist make treatment recommendations to cancer patients. This collaborative effort, by experts who have extensively researched, assessed and reviewed treatment outcomes, has become the most widely used information source in cancer treatment. 

Oncologists develop treatment plans and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to treat the whole patient along with the disease. They work to provide support in the areas of nutrition, emotional support, family involvement, symptom treatment, and supportive care.

In addition to physicians, patients will be cared for by Oncology Certified Nurses. These highly qualified professionals offer education and encouragement to patients and their families, while ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of care available.

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