Infusion Centers

Bay Area Hospital's two Infusion Centers -- one in the cancer center building, the other in the main hospital -- specialize in delivering medications to patients intravenously.  Highly trained nurses meticulously follow accepted protocols and your individual treatment plan.

Your Nursing Team

The training and qualifications of the oncology nursing staff meet and exceed national standards. In addition to regular nursing licensure, each nurse holds a chemotherapy provider card from the Oncology Nursing Society.  Although national rules call for renewing the provider card every two years, every nurse who administers chemotherapy at Bay Area Hospital is required to demonstrate competency every year. In addition, advanced certifications in infusion and vascular access surpass national standards to help assure you the best treatment possible.

Serious About Safety

Our staff is dedicated to exceeding national standards for patient safety. Special safety measures include:

  • We follow a strict procedure to make sure the nurse preparing your medication won’t be interrupted or distracted.
  • Your nurse completes a thorough pre-administration checklist.
  • A second nurse checks each infusion before it is turned on.
  • Nurses are intensely focused on your wellbeing throughout each treatment. If you develop a reaction to a medication, nurses respond immediately.
  • Patients with special medical needs are given particular attention. If a patient’s blood has a low white-cell count (neutropenia), the patient may be placed in a “Neutropenic Precautions Room” to protect against infections. A patient with an infectious disease is likewise separated from others.

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