Our Team of Professionals

Bay Area Hospital’s Cardiovascular Center relies on a highly trained and experienced team of healthcare professionals. They include:
Our Board-certified Local Interventional Cardiologists
John Frank, MD and Wojciech Nowak, DO joined Bay Area Hospital in February 2017. They were drawn to the area for the opportunity to help build a growing cardiology program, and they’ve done just that. Frank and Nowak have brought new services to Bay Area Hospital, such as peripheral interventions and catheter directed ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis, a new treatment option for patients with Pulmonary Embolism. The doctors have experience working as a team, as they previously practiced together in Appleton, Wisconsin. 
Our Cath Lab Team
Our Cardiac Catheterization Team is a multidisciplinary group of professionals, dedicated to giving you the most modern, most effective, and safest care possible. We have assembled a strong team of registered nurses and registered radiologic technologists. Each team member is certified and cross-trained to fill multiple roles in the Procedure Room.
For a cardiac catheterization procedure, the cardiologist typically is backed up by four team members:
  • A radiologic technologist acts as “scrub assistant” to the cardiologist. 
  • A registered nurse administers sedation and monitors the patient’s intravenous line, breathing, heart rhythm, and medications.
  • A “circulator” sets up equipment, retrieves supplies and serves as an “extra pair of hands.” The circulator may be a registered nurse or a radiologic technologist.
  • A registered nurse or radiologic technologist monitors the procedure from the control room, keeping a close eye on the patient’s hemodynamics and vital signs, and recording each step of the procedure.
Together with the cardiologist, these talented and highly trained healthcare professionals form a smoothly functioning team to ensure your safety and comfort.
Cardiac Pre-Post Team
The Cardiac Pre-Post Unit is staffed by registered nurses and certified nursing assistants, all with specialized training to care for cardiac patients before and after their procedures. 
As an extension of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, the Pre-Post staff works closely with the cath lab team to ensure your comfort, your safety, and the best care possible.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Team
 In operation since 1995, Bay Area Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program is staffed by registered nurses with specialized training in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, as well as certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Staff training is ongoing, adapting to new research about the benefits of exercise for heart patients. 

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