Here’s What Our Patients Have to Say

“I was so delighted with my stay. I was surprised to find out I had a private room and my own private bath. I had a choice of warm blankets at night and a view of mountains. I thought I was in a spa…The nurses and CNAs were wonderful. Everybody was smiling, and no one was grouchy. They were always wiping their hands with sanitizer, which was very comforting to me… And the food was good. One time I ordered a Caesar’s salad, and because I was on some kind of anti-coagulant medication, someone from the kitchen came up to my room and told me not to eat too much, because it would interfere with the medication. Even the kitchen cared!… I was absolutely thrilled with the care I got, and I’ve told everybody. I don’t think you can get any better care in Eugene or anywhere.”

A retired Myrtle Point hairdresser and a former city councilor, Maureen Bergman had a total hip replacement surgery performed by Dr. Alan Whitney at Bay Area Hospital in July 2011. She had experienced chronic pain since 1996, but seven weeks after her successful surgery and rehabilitation, most of her pain is gone and she is looking forward to moving to the East Coast to live near her son and his family.

PATRICIA RHODES: “I’ve always liked my care at Bay Area Hospital. When I fell after my hip replacement, the ambulance took me to another, closer hospital. They diagnosed it as a muscle sprain, but my leg went into painful spasms. When my orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Bell, got my X-rays, he saw two breaks in the right femur, the same side as my hip replacement. The other hospital simply didn’t catch it…Now, after my second surgery at Bay Area Hospital, I’m doing quite well. But the other hip is going out, because it was equally as arthritic as the right one, so I’m looking at having another hip replacement. Of course, I’ll go to Bay Area Hospital.”

Patricia Rhodes, a retired psychiatric nurse, lives in Port Orford, about 50 miles south of Coos Bay. While recuperating at home after having a total hip replacement surgery at Bay Area Hospital in December 2010, she fell — despite using her walker. Dr. Jason Bell performed another surgery, which repaired both her original hip replacement and her newly broken leg.

COLLEEN WYLIE: “Before my knee surgery, I was so nervous, especially about the chance of having a blood clot. I went to the (Moving Forward) class, and that helped. But the nurses at Bay Area Hospital made it a lot nicer, especially Kayte (Bay Area Hospital’s orthopaedic Care Coordinator). Everyone was really professional. They explained what I had to do to prevent getting a blood clot…But when I left the hospital, I became very emotional. I really had a panic attack. It was so overwhelming to go from round-the-clock care to home, where I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing. Kayte had given me her phone number. She was so sympathetic. She said that what I was feeling was normal. She called to check up on me a couple more times…And I made it through. I used a walker for a month, and then I didn’t need it. People around me were amazed at how quickly I recovered. Now, I’m so happy I had it done. Surgery is always scary, but (Bay Area Hospital) made it a lot easier.”

In May 2011, North Bend floral designer Colleen Wylie had a total knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Michael McLean at Bay Area Hospital. Still in her 40s, Colleen had limped along for about seven years with a painful right knee, originally caused by an accident in which she tore her knee’s cartilage during a junior high physical education class. Prior to surgery, she experienced pain going up and down stairs and felt the quality of her active life was being depleted. Today, she is virtually pain free and continues to do physical therapy exercises to improve flexibility. And, she is able to enjoy activities with her 2-year-old granddaughter.

“About three years ago, I was thrown from a horse. I had a compression fracture, which caused disk degeneration. I couldn’t ride. I couldn’t shoe horses. It got to where the pain was unbearable. My legs were starting to go numb, and I was tripping over my feet…When I woke up from that surgery and they took me off morphine, I was in no pain. I can’t believe how great I felt. Actually, I had a great time during my stay. The nurses were very friendly. By the time I left, we were all good friends…(Dr. Curcin) is a great doctor. I’m already riding my horses around. I hope to get back into training horses for kids that can’t afford it.”

A former horse trainer, Tracy Baker had spinal fusion surgery performed by Dr. Aleksandar Curcin at Bay Area Hospital in early June 2011. Prior to surgery, she found it increasingly difficult to handle everyday activities. Now, she is designing and planning to build a barn on her 10-acre farm in North Bend, where she hopes to offer horseback riding lessons to underprivileged and special needs youngsters.


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