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When paramedics answer a call about a severe heart attack, our cardiac care team jumps into action. If your cardiac event happens at night, on-call team members rush to the hospital to meet the ambulance. An electrocardiogram verifies the cardiac event, and a nurse inserts an intravenous tube to deliver medication. Once “prepped” for the procedure, you’ll be taken to a sterile room, where the team is scrubbed and ready to begin your procedure.
Using cardiac catheterization, the cardiologist probes the coronary arteries and diagnoses the exact problem. In many cases he can clear the blocked artery on the spot with a balloon angioplasty. He may insert a stent to keep the artery open. Or he may perform a thrombectomy, clearing away an obstructive blood clot. 
If your problem needs surgical intervention, such as a bypass, the team prepares you to travel to a cardiac surgical facility – usually Springfield’s Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute.


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