The Flight of Your Life

An air ambulance stationed at the North Bend airport is a critical factor in saving the lives of heart attack patients. 
When you need it, every second counts. Emergency Airlift is a private company providing air ambulance service across Southern Oregon.  A Bolkow 105S helicopter is based in North Bend to serve Bay Area Hospital’s cardiac patients.

The helicopter reduces patients’ travel time to Bay Area Hospital from remote areas such as Gold Beach or Powers. Treatment can begin even before the helicopter lands. Onboard medical personnel can perform an electrocardiogram, forward the results to the hospital, and immediately administer medications ordered by your doctor.
If the doctor decides you need a bypass or other heart surgery, the helicopter again meets your need for speed. It rushes you to a facility in the Willamette Valley, usually Oregon Heart & Vascular Institute in Springfield.  The trip generally takes just 30 minutes.


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