Getting You Ready

Before being treated in the Cath Lab, you’ll be cared for by the well-trained and experienced staff of our Cardiac Pre-Post Unit. These same healthcare professionals will be waiting to monitor your recovery when you come out.  Their goal is to expedite your procedure while maintaining a high standard of care.

You’ll hear from the Pre-Post team even before you arrive at Bay Area Hospital.  A nurse will phone you with instructions for how to prepare for your procedure.  You’ll be reminded to bring an accurate list of all your medications, including other-the-counter medications and herbs, along with the names of your prescribing physicians. There are special instructions for patients who are diabetic or taking anticoagulants.

You’ll arrive at the Pre-Post Unit about two hours before your procedure. The staff will review your health history in detail and make sure you know what to expect. You’ll change into a hospital gown, and the staff will perform an electrocardiogram and any necessary lab work. A nurse will insert an intravenous tube to carry any medications and fluids you might need during the procedure, and you’ll be hooked up to cardiac monitoring equipment.

Starting The Procedure

Your cardiac catheterization procedure starts with clipping any hair at the insertion area for the catheter (typically the groin), and then cleaning the area. You’ll be given premedication to help you relax, and a local anesthetic at the insertion site. 

A plastic tube called a sheath is inserted into the artery, allowing the physician to insert and remove catheters without causing you pain. You may drift in and out of sleep during the procedure.

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