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If you come to Bay Area Hospital for a heart catheterization procedure, you’ll probably pass the windows of what looks like a stylish health club. The hospital’s 2013 expansion was designed that way on purpose. 
Conveniently located at the hospital’s new main entrance, the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center provides a comfortable space for recovering heart patients to develop a healthy exercise regimen. At the same time, its prominent location gives arriving cardiac patients and their families a peek at a recovery process filled with hope and renewed health.
The goal of cardiac rehabilitation is secondary prevention. While helping you recover from your original heart problem, we teach you how to manage your lifestyle and prevent future problems. 
Establishing regular exercise habits is an important way to reduce your risk factors for heart problems. So the Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab Center is equipped with upper- and lower-body cardiovascular conditioning equipment, including treadmill; upper cycle; and Nu-step, which incorporates both upper- and lower-body strengthening. Therabands and light hand weights are also used as you progress.  Accommodations can be made if you have limited mobility and strength. 


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