The Cath Lab Team

Our Cardiac Catheterization Team is a multidisciplinary group of professionals, dedicated to giving you the most modern, most effective, and safest care possible. We have assembled a strong team of registered nurses and registered radiologic technologists. Each team member is certified and cross-trained to fill multiple roles in the Procedure Room.
For a cardiac catheterization procedure, the cardiologist typically is backed up by four team members:
  • A radiologic technologist acts as “scrub assistant” to the cardiologist. 
  • A registered nurse administers sedation and monitors the patient’s intravenous line, breathing, heart rhythm, and medications.
  • A “circulator” sets up equipment, retrieves supplies and serves as an “extra pair of hands.” The circulator may be a registered nurse or a radiologic technologist.
  • A registered nurse or radiologic technologist monitors the procedure from the control room, keeping a close eye on the patient’s hemodynamics and vital signs, and recording each step of the procedure.
Together with the cardiologist, these talented and highly trained healthcare professionals form a smoothly functioning team to ensure your safety and comfort.

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