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Strong Heart Program

Heart failure is a chronic illness, but it doesn’t have to disrupt your lifestyle.  Bay Area Hospital offers a life-enhancing program of education and support to help patients manage their illness.
The Strong Heart Program is available free to anyone with a current or previous diagnosis of heart failure. Its goal is to keep heart-failure patients healthy and active, by educating patients and family members about coping with the illness.
How Strong Heart Works

If you’re hospitalized for heart failure, the Strong Heart Program starts before you go home. Program coordinator Linda Mill, RN, visits your hospital room to talk about your diet, weight, physical activities, mental outlook, and more. By the time you leave, her goal is to equip you with a “toolkit” of strategies and methods for staying healthy.
The Strong Heart Program works closely with the staff of the Prefontaine Cardiovascular Center as well as other health-care disciplines, such as pharmacy, dietary services, physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, and palliative care.

The program teaches about:
  • Your heart’s structure and function
  • Heart-healthy weight  
  • Activities you can enjoy
  • Monitoring depression
  • Signs and symptoms of a worsening condition
  • When to call your doctor
  • Managing your medication 

The Strong Heart Program always tries to involve the patient’s family members, to help them be an effective support system at home. The program also works with local care centers and assisted-living centers, to help them manage heart failure among their residents. 

Individuals or care facilities with an interest in the Strong Heart Program can call Linda Mill, RN, at 541-269-8293.
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