“Dr. Hamilton is the best”

Amber Hill

On the day of her surgery, Amber Hill of Myrtle Point met Bay Area Hospital’s surgical robot.

“I got to see it before I went under,” she said. “I was like, ‘Wow!’”

She remembers being impressed when gynecologist Laurie Hamilton, MD, explained the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery: less scarring, less blood loss, less pain, less chance on infection.

Hill says she thought, “If technology can do that, that would be great!”

Her enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed since the surgery. She experienced a rapid recovery and minimal post-operative pain.

“I would recommend robot surgery to anybody,” she said. “It’s a wonderful thing.”
She is equally enthusiastic about the robot’s human partner.

“Dr. Hamilton came in and explained everything to me,” Hill said. “She was very supportive. When I was getting ready to go to sleep in the OR, she rubbed my shoulders to help me relax and calm down... Dr. Hamilton is the best. I would recommend her to everyone.”

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