Hyperbaric Treatment: What To Expect

During your hyperbaric treatments, you’ll lie in a transparent acrylic cylinder, breathing pure, pressurized oxygen. You may experience a feeling of fullness in your ears, much like taking off and landing in a commercial airplane. This sensation can be relieved by yawning.

Each treatment will last about two hours. Healing a chronic wound may require five treatments a week for as long as three months.

You will be able to see and talk to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy technician during your treatment. The chamber also has a television, mounted just outside the hyperbaric chamber.

Keeping You Safe

Because pure oxygen is a fire hazard, you cannot take anything into the hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber that might cause a spark or fire risk. That means no petroleum-based hair products, no lighters, and no battery-powered devices such as cell phones, video games, or laptops. The basic rule is: If you weren’t born with it, don’t take it into the chamber. We even provide a static-free gown to wear in place of your regular clothes. These precautions assure your safety. 


Complications in hyperbaric oxygen therapy are rare, but as with any medical procedure, there is some risk, including:

• Ear injury due to increased pressure
• Temporary nearsightedness
• Seizure due to too much oxygen


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