The DAISY Program

The DAISY Foundation was formed in November 1999, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at the age of 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). The nursing care Patrick received when hospitalized profoundly touched his family, and is what led them to create the DAISY Foundation. DAISY stands for:
  • Diseases
  • Attacking the
  • Immune
  • SYstem
Bay Area Hospital is proud to partner with The DAISY Foundation to honor the compassionate care of our extraordinary nurses throughout the year. We have been participating in the global DAISY program since 2016, and have awarded several of our nurses who have been nominated for providing extraordinary acts of compassionate care and clinical excellence every day in their work with our patients. Our most recent 2020 winners is:

Samantha Zilz, RN in Wound Care

Sam's Nominations:

(1) I wish to say a few words regarding how good the wound care clinic at BAH is and the way they treat and take care of their patients. In particular, Samantha (she likes to be called Sam) the nurse who took care of me throughout 2 years was a really big part in my healing. Sam is one of those nurses you never forget! She is great at what she does, does her job above and beyond and is always very professional. 

I have seen so many people come and go over the 2 years I was treated there. When I first started going to the Wound Care Clinic I didn’t know what was going to happen, but after my first visit I felt so much better and not worried. Sam told me right off there was nothing to be worried about. The way she treats her patients and cares for them throughout the healing process takes away all worries. Sam treats you like family from the first visit through the last. So yes, I feel Sam deserves this award!  

I wanted to let you know how much you have made a difference in my life in the 2 years of fixing my bottom. I do not think without your belief in me and positivity I could have made it out this strong and collected. So thank you for being there for me and not giving up.

Past Winners:

  • Kara Sharrai, Post Surgical Unit (PSU) Nurse
  • Angie Webster, Director of Clinical & Professional Development
  • Noah Nicolle, Rapid Evaluation Unit (REU) Nurse
  • Karla Sheets, Float Pool Nurse
  • Sandra Lucatero, Emergency Department (ED) Nurse
  • Craig Palen, Post Surgical Unit (PSU) Nurse
  • Rose Goffinet, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse
  • Tricia Smith, Medical Care Unit (MCU) Nurse
  • Michael Evanson, Medical Care Unit (MCU) Nurse
  • Angie Andersen, Case Management and Social Services Supervisor

Have you experienced exceptional care while you or a family member were a patient at Bay Area Hospital? Please consider nominating your nurse for the DAISY Award and telling us your story!
Please see the examples from previous winners above of the kind of information we need to nominate your nurse. Other ideas include:

  • How did this nurse make a special connection with you?
  • Describe a situation where this nurse went above and beyond
  • Share an example where extraordinary compassion was used

To make a nomination please contact Shayla Stidham, Bay Area Hospital's DAISY Program Coordinator:

Phone: 541-267-8347
Email: [email protected] 

Please preface your email or phone call to let Shayla know that you are making a DAISY Award nomination. If you would like to fill out, print, and mail in a form, the form can be found here. Please mail these to: Bay Area Hospital, Attn: Shayla Stidham, 1775 Thompson Road, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

For more information about The DAISY Award, please view The DAISY Foundation website here

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