Radiation Therapy

We know radiation treatment can seem mysterious and overwhelming. So our multidisciplinary team works hard to make you feel comfortable and well-informed.  We don’t just target tumors – we care for the whole person.

What Is Radiation Therapy? 
Radiation therapy is the careful use of radiation to treat cancer. External beam radiation therapy focuses a high-energy X-ray beam on a specific area.  It destroys cancer cells while minimizing impact on the surrounding healthy tissue. The treatment is administered like an X-ray, using machines called linear accelerators. Our treatment modalities include:
  • Standard Radiation Therapy
  • Image-Guided Radiation Therapy 
  • Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy 
  • Radiopharmaceutical Therapy
At Bay Area Cancer Center, our goal is to do the least invasive procedures possible to achieve the most positive results. These procedures typically are done on an outpatient basis, and you can return home right after treatment. Radiation therapy may be combined with surgery and/or chemotherapy to achieve maximum benefit.
Our radiation therapy facility is the largest on the Oregon Coast, serving hundreds of patients each year.

The Treatment Routine
We want you to feel confident and informed when you walk through our doors for the fist time. Click here to learn about every step of our treatment routine. 

Meet Your Therapy Team

Led by Director of Radiation Oncology, Brian Fuller, MD, the Radiation Therapy team at Bay Area Hospital is an elite corps of multidisciplinary professionals, each of them trained in oncology treatment. National certifications in their respective fields assure you up-to-date treatment, delivered with exacting precision.

Our Physicist
Our medical physicist, certified by The American Board of Medical Physics, is responsible for the technical aspects of your radiation oncology treatment. He consults with your physician about your prescription for radiation therapy, he supervises the computerized planning and precise placement of the radiation beams, and he confirms the proper functioning of the linear accelerator that delivers your radiation treatment. 
Radiation Therapists 
Radiation therapists, also known as radiation therapy technologists, operate the linear accelerator that delivers your radiation treatment. They monitor your condition over the course of your treatment, make adjustments to compensate for changes, and may alert your physician if they notice side-effects or anything that might require an adjustment to the radiation plan.
Our radiation therapists are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, with annual renewals. They also are licensed by the state of Oregon, with renewals every two years.
Medical Dosimetrists
Dosimetrists perform calculations to assure accurate delivery of the radiation oncologist’s prescribed dose. These computations take into consideration the protection of healthy tissue, taking particular care with sensitive areas such as the eyes, heart, and spinal cord.
Our dosimetrists are certified by the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board.

The registered nurses working in our radiation therapy facility have extensive training and experience. Their job is to monitor your symptoms and your progress; keep you informed about your condition and your treatment plan; and communicate your needs to your doctor and other health-care providers.  
Your nurse will be your liaison, your advocate, and your guide as you navigate the sometimes perplexing process of cancer treatment. You’re always welcome to ask questions -- or just stop in for a little encouragement.

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