Priority No. 1: You

Our mission goes beyond merely treating your cancer.  We focus on the whole person, not just the disease. Our team provides the emotional, spiritual, and medical support you need to face your challenges, while empowering you to participate in your own healing.

Fueling Your Recovery

Eating right is always important, and it’s crucial while you’re fighting cancer.  Your physician may refer you to a Bay Area Hospital dietician to help keep you going strong.
Our registered dieticians can meet with you to provide education, counseling, and encouragement for healthy food choices.  Every cancer patient is different, and we’ll customize a nutrition plan for your needs. 
We can provide informative literature and yummy recipes for high-protein, high-energy meals and snacks.  We’ll coordinate with your physician to match your nutrition plan to your treatment plan.  And we’ll take your personal likes and dislikes into account.
(Note: Medicare and some private insurance plans don’t cover nutrition consultations for cancer patients. Make sure you know what your plan covers before meeting with a dietician.)
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When You Need Some TLC …

If your cancer therapy leaves you feeling sick and rundown, your doctor may decide you need a day or two of rest and healing in the hospital. The staff of our Inpatient Oncology Unit is ready to provide supportive care to get you feeling fit and feisty once again.
Our multidisciplinary team’s approach is to treat the whole patient – not just the immediate symptoms. Treatment may include intravenous liquids, pain management, and infection control. But it also includes dietary consultation, self-care education, and spiritual support.  It’s an overall environment of supportive nurturing.
Led by nurses certified in cancer care, our staff puts you at the center of the treatment process. By respecting your choices and listening to your needs, we try to make a difficult time as pleasant for you as possible.

Your personal guide  
As you traverse the challenges and complexities of cancer care, you can count on guidance and support from our Nurse Navigator. Certified and highly experienced in cancer treatment, the Nurse Navigator can help relieve some of the fears and uncertainties that go with a cancer diagnosis.
The Nurse Navigator educates patients and families about medical treatments, and she makes sure patients are given the best care even after they leave the hospital. She can help you avoid treatment delays by keeping tabs on referrals, appointments, and financial issues. She is your ally and advocate throughout your cancer journey. 
Relief From Your Symptoms
Medical treatment can be difficult when you feel bad. So Bay Area Hospital offers comprehensive support for cancer in-patients. Palliative Care is a medical and nursing specialty that managing pain and symptoms, while offering social services, counseling and spiritual support.

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Cancer Registry
Cancer patients at Bay Area Hospital participate in a nationwide system of cancer research and support.  
The Bay Area Hospital Cancer Registry is strictly confidential, and it costs you nothing.  It provides you with lifetime follow-up by our Cancer Registry staff and collects important data for cancer research.
As required by Oregon law, our Certified Cancer Registrar collects data about your age, ethnicity, occupation and other factors that might affect your health.  Your cancer treatment and outcome go in the file as well.  You’ll receive a brochure explaining this process.
Lifetime medical observation is considered one of the most important aspects of cancer therapy.  So, once you’re enrolled in the Cancer Registry, our registrar will contact your physician annually, to check on your continuing health.  If you haven’t seen a physician during the previous year, the registrar may contact you directly to check on your condition.  

This process provides an ongoing account of your health history, diagnosis, treatment, and current status.
The data we collect helps researchers in their quest to improve cancer treatment.  And local, state, and national agencies use it to make important public health decisions.  As an accredited Community Cancer Center, BAH reports this data each year to the Centers for Disease Control.  Strict rules protect your confidentiality.
Whenever you hear or read cancer statistics, the data likely came from Cancer Registries like the one at BAH.  While you’re undergoing treatment for your own cancer, be proud that you’re making a contribution to the broader battle against the disease.


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