Joint Replacement Destination Center

Bay Area Hospital's Joint Replacement Destination Center opened in the Spring of 2017. The center caters specifically to knee and hip replacement patients and aims for exceptional patient experiences and superior clinical outcomes.

Comforting, Coordinated Care

Located in the Post-Surgical Unit of the hospital, the center is comprised of all private rooms, and a separate group physical therapy gym and activities room. Dedicated nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy staff are at hand to provide seamless coordinated care. We want your road to recovery to be as comfortable as possible, that's why you'll never have to wear a hospital gown in our center. All of our patients get to wear their own clothes from home. 

Informing You

The Joint Replacement Destination Center has a distinct focus on patient education. At Bay Area Hospital, we believe a patient’s understanding and knowledge of what to expect during a surgical experience can lead to better outcomes. At our new center, patients will attend a class one to two weeks before surgery and another just before leaving the hospital to ensure they know what to expect each step of the way. Additionally, patients are encouraged to bring a friend or family member with them to act as their “coach.”

The information you receive prior to your surgery includes:
  • Engaging community outreach seminars
  • An informative pre-op class for patients and family
  • A Patient Guidebook or Recovery Coach online patient portal
  • Daily newsletters while in the hospital
  • Educational displays answering the most frequently asked questions

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