Our Commitment to Patient Safety

At the Joint and Spine Care Center, our patients come first. That’s why we constantly strive to improve the level of care we provide. We track each patient’s performance using objective, industry-accepted methods to monitor improvement and compare our effectiveness against other healthcare facilities. We also monitor patient satisfaction to ensure best customer service to our patients and visitors.


  • Our state-of-the-art integrated video monitoring system in operating rooms allows surgical team members to view a variety of images inches from the surgical field so the medical staff can make more informed decisions and provide the most effective treatment. Surgeons can view diagnostic imaging studies such as the most powerful 3 Tesla MRI available, CAT scan and X-ray images on one monitor. Another monitor might display surgical microscope, laparoscopic and arthroscopic images as well as a patient’s vital signs. The system improves communication plus increases surgical accuracy and patient safety by providing all necessary information to the surgical team at the operating table.
  • Our providers use a computerized electronic medical record system similar to that used by leading national medical institutions. Each patient’s medical chart is accessible on the hospital’s computer network and contains information such as vital signs, laboratory results, imaging studies etc. Our physicians can access the hospital’s computer system from their offices and from home, so they can monitor their patient’s status as frequently as necessary.
  • Our computerized physician order entry program, similar to those used by leading national medical institutions, decreases delay in completing orders and reduces errors related to handwriting or transcription. Studies have shown that using a computerized entry program improves patient safety, reduces the length of a patient’s stay, reduces repeat tests, and reduces turnaround times for laboratory, pharmacy and imaging requests.


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