Kids' HOPE Center

 Healing Outreach Prevention & Education

Children who have been abused need a friendly, non-threatening place to divulge their painful stories. They need caring adults who will protect, reassure and advocate for them. The Kids' HOPE Center is that kind of place, with that kind of people.  
Kids' Hope Center investigates abuse allegations from communities throughout Coos County and beyond. Following the “medical model” of abuse investigations, Kids' HOPE focuses primarily on meeting the whole-health physical and emotional needs of victims. Instead of telling a painful story again and again to a succession of strangers, a child visiting Kids' HOPE experiences a single interview with a specially trained forensic investigator. Video recordings of these neutral, non-leading interviews take the place of repeated questioning and can even be admitted in court.
A board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Jenni DeLeon, examines child victims to assess their condition and to gather evidence for potential prosecutions. Throughout the process, children are treated with respect, gentleness, and reassurance.
Although the “medical model” of investigation focuses on the child’s physical and emotional needs, it also has proved to be an effective technique for gathering evidence to be used in criminal cases.  Kids' HOPE has a strong record of contributing to prosecutions and convictions.

Bay Area Hospital is proud to provide administrative and financial support for Kids' HOPE’s essential work on behalf of the community’s children.

 About Kids' HOPE
  • Vision, Mission, Purpose
  • History of Kids' HOPE
  • The Children We Serve
  • Why This Work Matters
 What to Expect
  • Preparing Your Child
  • Family and Child Support
  • The Legal Process
 Medical Assessment
The medical evaluation is an important part of the investigation, often providing valuable evidence.
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 Forensic Interview
The forensic interview is conducted by a trained forensic interviewer in a child-friendly setting.
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 Preventing Abuse
  • Communicate, Educate, Observe
  • Types of Abuse
  • Signs of Abuse
 How To Help
  • If You Suspect Abuse
  • Learn About Sexual Abuse
  • Donating and Volunteering