Cardiac Rehabilitation

For more information about our program and how to obtain a referral, call (541) 269-8389.

Helping You Get Heart-Healthy

Our cardiac rehabilitation team will work with you to help you return to your daily routine faster and take steps to prevent future heart attacks and hospitalization.

What to Expect

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Bay Area Hospital includes:

  • a spacious gym
  • guidance from highly skilled staff
  • one-on-one goal-setting with a nurse and a dietician
  • educational classes, consultation, and exercise at center up to 3x/week
  • after 8-12 weeks, graduation to a self-monitored program of diet, home exercise, or continuation onsite in a Phase 3 program

Peripheral Vascular Program

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

How to Enroll

You must have a physician’s referral to enroll in Cardiac Rehabilitation at Bay Area Hospital. Contact your personal physician for a referral to our program.

Typical heart conditions covered by most health plans and Medicare are:

  • a recent heart attack
  • heart surgery (bypass or valve)
  • coronary artery stenting
  • angina

Conditions covered vary with different health plans. We will assist you in determining if you have coverage for your diagnosis or if preauthorization is needed.

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