Lighting the way for surgical precision

Firefly Fluorescence Imaging

For some robotic-assisted procedures, surgeons at Bay Area Hospital employ Firefly Fluorescence Imaging to improve visibility of the surgical area. Firefly’s imaging capability provides real-time, image-guided identification of key anatomical landmarks for precise surgical maneuverability. 

The Firefly system uses a special video camera and glowing dye to let surgeons view blood flowing in vessels and tissue during minimally invasive surgical procedures. Viewed with the Firefly camera, blood appears green, and tissue without blood flow appears gray. 

Surgeons at Bay Area Hospital were the first in Oregon to use Firefly.

Click here to see how Firefly works.
Click here for an example of tissue viewed with normal light -- in this case, kidney tissue.
Click here to see that same kidney tissue as viewed with Firefly Fluorescence Imaging. 


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