Thanks to digital technology, the expertise of Oregon’s world-class teaching hospital is available to some Bay Area Hospital patients --without a trip to Portland.

The Oregon Health and Science University Telemedicine Network gives patients real-time access to the latest specialty care including stroke treatment and pediatric intensive care. This secure two-way video technology avoids the risk and expense of long-distance medical transport and it keeps patients close to their homes and families.

How it works
Bay Area Hospital connects with OHSU specialists using a two-way audio-video communications cart. OHSU physicians can steer the camera remotely, allowing them to examine patients, monitor vital signs, read X-rays and CT scans, consult with local physicians, and even speak with patients and family members.

After these long-distance consultations, some stroke victims and critically ill children are flown to Portland for specialized care at OHSU. But most patients stay at Bay Area Hospital, confident that doctors at both hospitals are collaborating on the best possible treatment.

Better care, lower cost
Using telemedicine, Bay Area Hospital’s experienced, board-certified physicians can take advantage of OHSU’s specialized experts to employ the latest, most advanced medical knowledge. 

Telemedicine is one of the ways Bay Area Hospital offers world-class care, close to home.

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