Urology Care

The Urology Care at Bay Area Hospital includes diagnosis and treatment of both the female and male urinary systems, including kidneys, ureters, bladders, urethra, and disorders of the male reproductive system.
At Bay Area Hospital, we are able to test and treat a wide range of urological problems, including: impotence; urologic cancer; non-incision vasectomy; vasectomy reversal; incontinence; laparoscopy; laser surgery; infertility; pediatric urology; stone disease; reconstructive surgery; and prostate disease. 
Our advanced techniques are improving the lives of thousands who suffer from these and other urological conditions.

Robotic Surgery

Many urologic surgeries can be performed using the robotic assistance of Bay Area Hospital’s da Vinci Xi Surgical System. Robotic surgery can mean smaller incisions, less blood loss, and faster healing.

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