Wound and Hyperbaric Center

Promoting Healing and Quality of Life


Why Wound Care?

Advances in medical science are helping more people than ever survive serious illnesses. But people who survive heart attacks, diabetes or other chronic conditions may be weakened and less able to heal wounds. Effective wound care is increasingly important in maintaining these patients’ quality of life.

Bay Area Hospital provides a comprehensive outpatient program of evaluation and management. Our on-site physicians have specialized training in chronic wound care and hyperbaric medicine.  We work closely with referring and consulting physicians to provide the most appropriate and effective care plan.

Because diabetes afflicts an estimated 11 percent of Coos County’s population, treating diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) is a big part of the Wound Center’s mission. When DFUs are identified and treated early, the risk of debilitating or life-threatening complications can be dramatically reduced. 


 Comprehensive Care

Our specially trained medical professionals employ a comprehensive toolkit of  proven methods to promote healing.

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 Diabetes and Wounds
For a person with diabetes, something as simple as a blistered toe may foreshadow a long battle to heal a persistent sore. 
 Thriving Under Pressure

Your body’s tissues need oxygen to function, and injured tissue needs more.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry, thereby promoting healing.

 Hyperbaric Treatment: What to Expect

For hyperbaric treatments, you’ll lie in a transparent acrylic cylinder, breathing pure, pressurized oxygen.  Each treatment lasts about two hours.


 Your Wound Care Team
Our Wound Care Team includes physicians, certified nurses and a hyperbaric technician. All have specialized training in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to assure every patient safe and effective treatment.

 To Learn More

For more information about outpatient wound care, contact the wound care clinic:

(541) 269-4180