Coronavirus Announcements


 1. Vaccinations


At this time we are still finishing vaccination of those in our community who fall under the Tier 1 criteria to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. If you are scheduling for your second COVID-19 vaccine, please book your second shot here.

The app is best accessed using Google Chrome as opposed to Internet Explorer. The app will ask for a password, and this is where you will create an account with a personal password. Please follow instructions for a password reset if needed.

When you arrive for your second vaccination shot, after being screened at the entrance, please proceed to our lobby outside of Administration on the 1st floor near the Cafeteria. Please bring identification to your second dose appointment and your vaccine record card to verify that you are eligible for the second dose of vaccine. At this time, Bay Area Hospital is only vaccinating healthcare workers.

Governor Kate Brown has announced that Oregon will expand COVID-19 vaccination criteria to include all educators and then seniors over the age of 65 years old. Child care workers, pre-school and K-12 educators are scheduled to get vaccinated first. Vaccination of Oregon seniors, starting with individuals 80 and older will receive the vaccine after our educators have received their vaccinations.

We eagerly await additional information from the state about the timing of future shipments of the vaccine for expanded community vaccine clinics and we are working with our community public health partners on the plan for administering the vaccine.

Please know that it is our intention to support the efforts to get our community vaccinated as quickly as possible in a manner that follows the guidelines set by the State of Oregon and the CDC. Our community partners are working together to plan for community vaccination and to quickly implement those plans as soon as we know when we will get more vaccine, who can get vaccinated, and how many doses we will receive. While we are waiting for our community to get vaccinated, please continue to wear your mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing.

If you have additional questions, please contact Coos Health and Wellness at (541) 266- 6700. If you want to be on the list to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, fill out the form on the Coos Health and Wellness website here: To follow updates about COVID-19 vaccinations, click here: (



2. Visitation

For the safety of our patients and staff we are continuing to uphold our COVID-19 modified visitation policy.
We are accepting limited visitors. Bay Area Hospital will permit one adult visitor (age 18 or older) and two adult visitors for patients under the age of 18 at a time per inpatient in the facility. Visitors should come through the new main entrance Monday-Friday, or the Emergency Department (ED) entrance on Saturdays and Sundays beteween the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
Limited visitors will continue to be screened at hospital entrances, and anyone entering the facility will be required to wear a face mask provided by Bay Area Hospital unless they have a medical reason why they are unable to wear a mask. Exceptions to the limited visitor policy will be made on an individual basis; generally speaking, Bay Area Hospital will allow for exceptions to the one visitor policy in birth and end of life situations only. At this time, children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to visit unless there's a special circumstance. If you need special consideration, please contact the unit's charge nurse.



For trusted COVID-19 information please view the following websites:

Coos Health & Wellness

Oregon Health Authority


Other Updates

Patient Accounts still closed to walk-in services

At this time Patient Accounts/Cashier Office is still close to walk-in customers. To make a payment on your account, please call 1-855-221-9300. To speak with a Patient Accounts representative Monday-Friday between the hours of 9-4 please call 541-269-8131. You can also pay your bill online by clicking the 'Pay My Bill' button at the top of this page (this option will require a 'visit number' found on your statement). You may also pay via check through USPS by mailing your check to: P.O. Box 1666, Roseburg, OR 97470.


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